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Monkey’s revenge!

Posted: May 29th, 2009 in Blender

800×600 ~79kB

boredom monkey

This is what happens when you get lost in thoughts during labs… the big bad monkey comes and bites you in the ass!

Done in about 20 minutes to kill some time. I hate computers in our programming lab – those hairs rendered for ages. Initially I was going to make the whole hairy model but simply there wasn’t enough CPU power to display all the vertices and work comfortably at the same time. It’s one of blender’s issues, I wonder if they make it use GPU any soon. That’s the thing with open source: you find the bug, trace it, post and soon enough it’s fixed. Well, with enhancements it takes a little longer. But still, it’s sometimes hard to believe there are actually only few developers behind every open source project, often fewer than in those big commercial teams. Why? Because there are only few good programmers willing to work without payment. And why it’s so hard to believe in? Because they just work so damn good and fast collaborating with common people! No one calls Adobe devs with “Hey, I found a bug in this photo-thing source code!”. So… Yeah.

Long live computer generated monkeys! CGG is the most probable subject for my engineer’s degree thesis. Although, there’s nothing to show yet, arrangements have been made with a specific project in mind. It regards designing of the collision detection system, physics and maybe (probably there won’t be time but who knows?) some networking support. OpenGL 4.0 or 4.1 (if Ogre3D will support it when it comes out) and ANSI C++. As standard and based on patterns as possible. Prototype with text or 2d should come into being in weeks, however, don’t expect the update soon. Yeah, we’re lazy…


Happy Birthday, Jing!

Posted: December 17th, 2008 in Gimp

1024×1024 ~463kB

smile of orient, click to enlarge
Everybody, meet Miss Jing – Miss Jing, meet Everybody! The lady lives in China and just turned 20. We’ve lost contact some time ago but I hope deep inside she knows I celebrate with her. Live your dream and become whomever you want!

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Posted: October 8th, 2008 in Gimp

600×600 ~202kB

eyes of oblivion, click to enlarge
This young thing was born exactly 19th years ago. Saying truth, we know each other only shortly, still… Guessing by the way she instigates me to get drunk I’d say it may be long and productive friendship. Cheers for Anna!

El Matador

Posted: September 7th, 2008 in Ideas

Slow motion. Foot stamping into dust. Gentle flamenco. Red fabric thorn from man’s shoulders in strong hands, bending with the wind so lively, yet firm. Impatient hoofs stir up small clouds of sand. The music hastens, gets louder, the torero stands still, the bull gains speed, the line between life and death gets thinner, the tramp gets louder, and BOOM! – music stops, darkness covers everything, there’s only a heartbeat. Single reflection on a perfectly polished espada breaks the suspension – the beast attacks! Red fabric, cold steel, a single drop of blood running down the blade, last breath… and darkness. Cheering crowd, some text.

Soft-body for fabric, particles for dust, some pre-rendered crowd. Bump maps for fur and normal maps for subtle pattern of the handmade clothes: ornamented jacket, pants and hat. Field of depth to change the lens from bullfighter’s back to the bull. Fluid simulation for blood – floating in slow motion through the air, running down the blade, dripping from the tip. Background music, sounds of fabric, cheering crowd, the heartbeat, trampling hoofs. A lot of work.

Some day,

Metaliens are coming!

Posted: August 20th, 2008 in Blender

4096×1024 ~617kB

alien muscles
Chris mentioned meta balls and I ended up with this guy instead of a python script. It was sculpted all the way before I realized I was about to do something completely different. Base formed with meta balls in about two minutes, then something near two hours of sculpting. It’s pretty low poly and those over-exaggerated leg muscles remind me of comic stripes I used to draw when little younger. Not particularly proud but not ashamed of it either. Since I don’t have the .blend any more just have fun doing whatever ya want with stills.