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Trzy litery…

Posted: September 21st, 2010 in @, Arte

Każdą z osobna wstukuję na klawiaturze i telefon dzwoni sam. Wtedy się rozłączam. Potem znowu wpisuję i zaczynam dzwonić – tylko po to, żeby cichym click zakończyć połączenie. Lepiej próbować i nic nie osiągnąć, niż nie próbować i osiągnąć dno.



Chodnikowe strachy

Posted: January 18th, 2010 in @, Arte

Punk Rock Chick silhouetteWidziałem ją na ulicy wychodząc z biura. Przez chwilę plątała mi się w głowie zagubiona myśl – “Biegnij! To ona! Zatrzymasz ją!” – ale nie, to byłoby niezdrowe. W świecie zdrowych ludzi, zimnych i wyrachowanych, romantyczne nadzieje są cliché. Dlatego nie mam nadziei i zamykam oczy, kiedy widzę ją w sklepie, w tramwaju, na środku rynku i dwa miejsca przede mną w ciasnym busie – tym razem naprawdę. (more…)

Moje paranoje

Posted: October 9th, 2008 in @, Arte
Lijiang at night

Lijiang at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jest tak cicho, że słychać szum wody oddalonego o ćwierć kilometra potoku. Zdawałoby się, że to uroki życia na wsi, ale nie – łóżko, w którym leżę, znajduje się dokładnie w centrum miasta. Jeśli można wierzyć temu, co wskazuje GPS. (more…)

Last few months

Posted: August 20th, 2008 in @

Hell of a time! A lot befell.

Thought, even more did not. I finally unwrapped my tablet and happen to discover I’m being obsessed with it! Still didn’t change my OS, which is bad. Yet, it gave me an opportunity to learn new things about how I hate commercial companies (one of those actually hired me and assigned duties I wouldn’t be able to accomplish on Linux simply because I don’t know it well enough, e.g. .NET development).

On the more personal foot: yeah, ladies, you heard right – not in a relationship any more! On the more personal reflection kind of note, people do weird stuff when they fall apart. I’ve been lied to, begged, bribed – no más. I guess the wind of change came from the north… Also, I changed my hair. A lot. And this is the last call to check out whether I can take my maths exam this year or have to wait (missed that one – still didn’t figure out how to manage the studies and work at the same time). But! Before starting anything new, and this is what everyone should consider the rule of a thumb, it’s always a good thing to reckon all those long time procrastinated tasks on one’s todo list and evaluate if maybe, just maybe one little tiny √ can be placed. My personal todo for today? “Polish your PHP”. This one’s actually easy!

*rub* *rub* *rub*

Checked! What’s next?

Way to high on soda,


Posted: March 30th, 2008 in @

Small hours of my day.

Windows sucks! It’s patched rarely and on those rare occasions what’s mostly fixed are memory leaks. I just experienced another crash due to a badly written RAID driver. And I don’t even mean the idea but the way it was implemented… Come on! Dynamic disks!? Everything just popped out with one big BSOD and all of my work from last five hours is gone. And it is supposed to be easily recoverable – that’s the whole point of RAID, right? Well, no. Not with Microsoft dynamic disks solution, I guess…

Another loss of time and data that could be avoided by making sure striping doesn’t occur when caching. I am seriously tired of those exceptions, Microsoft! Yeah, a way to go calling an exception something that happens twice or thrice a year on a barely used rig. I never had time to release a decent amount of storage space for backup before this happened so now I have to restore this piece of shit on your crappy OS once again, however, this is my final warning. Next time I go GNU, bitch, ’cause you was bad… Bad Microsoft, bad!

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