Monkey’s revenge!

Posted: May 29th, 2009 in Blender

800×600 ~79kB

boredom monkey

This is what happens when you get lost in thoughts during labs… the big bad monkey comes and bites you in the ass!

Done in about 20 minutes to kill some time. I hate computers in our programming lab – those hairs rendered for ages. Initially I was going to make the whole hairy model but simply there wasn’t enough CPU power to display all the vertices and work comfortably at the same time. It’s one of blender’s issues, I wonder if they make it use GPU any soon. That’s the thing with open source: you find the bug, trace it, post and soon enough it’s fixed. Well, with enhancements it takes a little longer. But still, it’s sometimes hard to believe there are actually only few developers behind every open source project, often fewer than in those big commercial teams. Why? Because there are only few good programmers willing to work without payment. And why it’s so hard to believe in? Because they just work so damn good and fast collaborating with common people! No one calls Adobe devs with “Hey, I found a bug in this photo-thing source code!”. So… Yeah.

Long live computer generated monkeys! CGG is the most probable subject for my engineer’s degree thesis. Although, there’s nothing to show yet, arrangements have been made with a specific project in mind. It regards designing of the collision detection system, physics and maybe (probably there won’t be time but who knows?) some networking support. OpenGL 4.0 or 4.1 (if Ogre3D will support it when it comes out) and ANSI C++. As standard and based on patterns as possible. Prototype with text or 2d should come into being in weeks, however, don’t expect the update soon. Yeah, we’re lazy…

  1. shigunematsui297 says:

    Hey there. I was thinking of doing CGI as well! Pretty awesome monkey’s revenge pic!!

  2. cgdude says:

    Yeah, it’s CGI time, baby! 😉 Thanks for your comment. I appreciate someone with an actual opinion.

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