El Matador

Posted: September 7th, 2008 in Ideas

Slow motion. Foot stamping into dust. Gentle flamenco. Red fabric thorn from man’s shoulders in strong hands, bending with the wind so lively, yet firm. Impatient hoofs stir up small clouds of sand. The music hastens, gets louder, the torero stands still, the bull gains speed, the line between life and death gets thinner, the tramp gets louder, and BOOM! – music stops, darkness covers everything, there’s only a heartbeat. Single reflection on a perfectly polished espada breaks the suspension – the beast attacks! Red fabric, cold steel, a single drop of blood running down the blade, last breath… and darkness. Cheering crowd, some text.

Soft-body for fabric, particles for dust, some pre-rendered crowd. Bump maps for fur and normal maps for subtle pattern of the handmade clothes: ornamented jacket, pants and hat. Field of depth to change the lens from bullfighter’s back to the bull. Fluid simulation for blood – floating in slow motion through the air, running down the blade, dripping from the tip. Background music, sounds of fabric, cheering crowd, the heartbeat, trampling hoofs. A lot of work.

Some day,


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