Posted: March 30th, 2008 in @

Small hours of my day.

Windows sucks! It’s patched rarely and on those rare occasions what’s mostly fixed are memory leaks. I just experienced another crash due to a badly written RAID driver. And I don’t even mean the idea but the way it was implemented… Come on! Dynamic disks!? Everything just popped out with one big BSOD and all of my work from last five hours is gone. And it is supposed to be easily recoverable – that’s the whole point of RAID, right? Well, no. Not with Microsoft dynamic disks solution, I guess…

Another loss of time and data that could be avoided by making sure striping doesn’t occur when caching. I am seriously tired of those exceptions, Microsoft! Yeah, a way to go calling an exception something that happens twice or thrice a year on a barely used rig. I never had time to release a decent amount of storage space for backup before this happened so now I have to restore this piece of shit on your crappy OS once again, however, this is my final warning. Next time I go GNU, bitch, ’cause you was bad… Bad Microsoft, bad!

Cyprian in a Hurry

  1. sims says:

    lols bro, so what now? Linux?

    • Cypr says:

      I never actually resurrected that machine. Day after this crash I switched to Linux and either made everything I needed to run in a virtual machine or replaced it with better software. Highly recommended soul-freeing experience! P.s. I forgot about this website.

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