Comedy time

Posted: March 23rd, 2008 in Ideas

Long time no see, huh? One of those few readers I have (seriously guys, why do you subscribe? nothing ever happens here) actually asked for this post after she heard what me was thinking. So let me fulfil her wish…

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard model 49

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s this guy in a black-white striped suit and shiny shoes, called Tony. And there’s his bodyguard, a big fella with cool shades, wide arms and tiny headset, called Mun. Mun, the Goon. Tony’s a big fish, he meets people, bargains, parties, has ladies. The last one’s a bit of a problem because Tony’s last girlfriend, Gena, is his gunman’s ex-wife. This whole situation seems to upset the Goon in a particular manner. He sees them touching – he pukes…

Just a rough idea but I can see a good storyline hiding behind it and a big final scene where Mun bends in torsion avoiding bullet which hits Tony instead. Just thinking about Tony’s brain spread all over Gena’s face makes me smile (*grin*)! I wish I had more time to play with all new Blender’s features. Or at least to dig up my tablet. Hopefully it didn’t rust yet.

Way overworked,
Me and Myself


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