Occupational experience

Posted: March 17th, 2008 in @

It’s something you gain at work while solving uncommon problems, yet, the very lack of it keeps you out of work. Weird stuff. And if you’re thinking odd jobs – that’s what I did but no, think again. Would you hire someone basing on a CV without any serious record? I know I would, yet, I’m pretty awesome person (winking at ya!). Even if the interview goes well a reasonable employer will give a job to a guy who doesn’t need further training and showed the same or acceptably less amount of skill. Hiring myself for an unreasonable employer just doesn’t sound like an option.

I look around and see five choices…

First, the common one: do nothing. Did it already – it didn’t help much.
Second, the hopeless: keep sending applications. But how many? And what to apply for? Do I even know what I want to do?
Third, the naive: shred a masterpiece and wait until someone serious gives a crap. And I mean other crap than copying my work.
Fourth, the science-fiction: start my own business providing services related to my occupation, yet, somehow uncommon but still popular on the market. Yeah, right! And finally…
, the ungrateful one… Get a job below my qualifications. Fuck.

Not sympathising with any of those,


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