After midnight

Posted: March 14th, 2008 in @

Late night.

Came back from my odd job like two hours ago. It took a long run to satisfy everyone but it’s done… Methinks. And still, I can’t sleep – the sleep doesn’t kick in. Tried to kill several minutes recovering some disk space but it’s hopeless. And boring. Hundreds of thousands of pictures! Lying in one big mess. Countless hours of eradication – tagging, rating, evaluating. Should I make a backup? Naah, backups are fiction. Is 03:38am still today or already tomorrow? Seems wrong both ways. But enough, I feel sorrow! My muscles call for speed and wind and… A shower? Why’s the shower so good for releasing power? It’s wondrous how mind gives every excuse not to do what one’s supposed to. (Said sipping Jack’s booze.)

From an infinite loop writing to y`all,
Cyprian of the Code; goto :late_night


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