Magandang tanghali

Posted: March 13th, 2008 in @, Arte

Writing lorem ipsum icon.

Hi on this rainy evening with no entertainment
Tonight instead of sleeping I got an assignment…
How come chill out is not on the menu?
– a reasonably thinking person might ask.
Well, that’s because my so called “girlfriend”
gave her man the most urgent task!
She made me promise (during the act)
to help her with thesis… Go figure (I can’t)!

Why do people show so much trouble
settling few tiny margins and styles?
My nine o’clock has the exact same issue
but guess what – this time I’ll take the cash.
Sure editorials are easy and neat.
And sure that I hate them with all my guts!
So why do girlfriends get those for free
or, being explicitly honest, for ass?

Since working for someone without a payment
is equal to giving this person money,
what do I pay for with all those hours
spent over the paper of my “little honey”?
Is all this “love” crap a mere transaction?
Isn’t it supposed to be given without perks?
Well, welcome to my life where every action
proves people are nothing but selfish jerks!

Hitting the road,
Cy the Overworked


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